Garlic Mushrooms In Peppercorn, Blue Cheese And Cream Sauce

Garlic Mushrooms in a creamy blue cheese and peppercorn sauce!
Rich and sublime creamy blue cheese sauce
Perfect starter or main meal

Sometimes you want to indulge and you can with this scrumptious dish. Garlic mushrooms in peppercorn, blue cheese and cream sauce.

My girls have loved the homemade garlic mushrooms in a creamy peppercorn sauce since they were little kids. This was always a firm favourite as a starter when my friends came over. One they often asked for when popping over for lunch or tea! Now add the blue cheese…Wow!!

Over time my middle daughter has appreciated the flavour and taste of blue cheese. Hubby and I enjoy this creamy garlic peppercorn blue cheese sauce with chicken but now its a firm favourite for 3 of us!

Blue cheese is not for everybody! You either love it or hate it. I only fell in love with it in my 30’s! But it is a game changer in a meal, if you love it!

We had this wonderful garlic mushrooms in a creamy blue cheese and peppercorn sauce tonight, a simple dish but rich and sublime! I teamed it with ready made garlic bread but we often have it with toast rubbed well with clove of raw garlic.


A punnet or 250g of closed mushrooms
270ml carton of Emlea double cream
2 tbsp of fresh green or black peppercorns
1 tsp of fresh ground pepper
5 cloves of garlic crushed
1 knorr chicken stock cube
Chopped parsley for garnish
1 garlic clove rough chopped
Medium onion finely chopped
1 tbsp veg oil
100g blue stilton


Cut the mushrooms in quarters or 4 slices. You want them chunky. If using button mushrooms cut in half.

Take a non stick pan, heat it then add the oil.
Add the chopped onions, mushrooms and minced garlic cloves. Add pinch of salt and sweat down till soft but not browned.

Next reduce heat to low, add the stock cube, the whole pot of cream, ground pepper and bring to gentle simmer.

Now add 1 equal cream pot of water, rinsing in any left over cream. Add the rough chopped garlic and most of the bruised fresh peppercorns. Leave a little for garnish.

Let this sit and gently simmer away untill the sauce reduces back to half. You want a loose sauce the same consistency of single cream or soup. Stir often.

When its reduced by half, at this stage you need to add the blue cheese and let this totally blend in just for a few minutes.

When your sauce is smooth, check for seasoning, adjust.

Garlic mushrooms in peppercorn, blue cheese and cream sauce is ready to serve with garlic bread.

Garlic bread for garlic mushrooms

Garnish with drizzle of sauce over the bread and scatter of parsley and bruised peppercorns.

Garnish of parsley and peppercorns
Garlic mushrooms in peppercorn, blue cheese and cream sauce! Enjoy


If you can’t get fresh peppercorns then simply substitute with 1 tbsp black peppercorns and gently crush slightly in a pestle and mortar.

I usually buy fresh green peppercorns and freeze any left over to use when required.

Adjust the garlic to your taste…total of 6 big cloves is just right for us.

I tend to opt for Knorr stock cubes as I prefer the delicate flavour and the taste it provides.

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