Chilli Chicken

Chilli Chicken
Sticky, spicy, salty and sweet!
A welcome assualt in your mouths


Boneless chicken in strips or 1 inch peices
4 tbsp corn flour
2 tbsp chilli sauce
6 or 8 green chillies chopped
2 tbsp vinegar
2 tbsp Soya sauce
8 to 10 garlic cloves minced
Oil for frying

4 spring onions cut into 1 inch lengths
Spring onion bulbs quartered
1 med green pepper 1 inch size chunks
Red/brown onion cut into similar chunks



Combine the chicken, salt, chilli sauce and mix well.

Beat the egg and add to the chicken mix. Stir in well.

Heat the oil in a wok.

Dip your chicken into the cornflour and gently fry the chicken till very crispy.
Drain the batches and set aside.

You can mix the cornflour into the chicken mix if you want but I prefer to do this separately and fry.

Deep fry the crispy chicken
Medium heat
Remove crispy chicken
Set aside
Can you resist eating?

In your wok add the garlic and chillies.
Add the peppers and onions, fry for a few minutes to how you like your veg and then add soy sauce, vinegar and salt!

Stir fry fresh peppers

Add your chicken and stir…

Add the chicken and sauce
It’s done!

Serve! I know this is popular with noodles or rice but I just love it with spaghetti!


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