Cheesy Chilli Baked Beans Baguette

Cheesy Chilli Baked Beans Baguette
Saucy beans
Chilli and onions
Loaded cheese
Baked till meltingly hot

Two things I love together, baked beans and cheese and onion.

One of my favourite lunchtime meals was always the cheese and onion pasty with lashings of beans over it. A good season of salt and pepper and I was always over the moon.

So here’s my way of bringing those 2 components together to satisfy me when there is no cheese and onion pasty around. Okay so the name is a mouthful, but trust me you’ll be eating it by the mouthful. My baked bean baguette with chilli cheese and onion topping. Its far better than any pasty and beans!

It’s just scrumptious, everything I would want on my plate, melting cheese over the saucy beans punctuated with those little chili hits and the tender morsels of onion in every bite. It’s like nachos meets pizza to marry and live happily ever after.

A marriage made in heaven, devoured on earth and laden with everlasting sins.

Yep that sums it up. Oh and I made a plain version for my oddball youngest daughter, she hates beans so it’s just plain pasata with toppings.

What can I say, you aint lived until you’ve tried this….a super trooper lunch or snack for any time of the day! So go on, live a little, enjoy a little more!


A small baguette sliced.
Couple of pinches of chilli flakes
A good pinch of pepper
Pinch of salt
Half an onion finely sliced
A few chillies to your taste
Large can of baked beans
A small block of red Leicester cheese grated.

I used a day old baguette…has more hold!
Don’t be alarmed by sheer amount of green chillies I used, they were a bad batch, just a little heat so I made up for it in quantity!


Put your oven on 160 degrees c

So to assemble:

Layer your oven tray/dish with sliced baguette.

Stir the beans in the can, pour over the baguettes.

Spread out evenly. Sprinkle with salt and chilli flakes.

Scatter green chillies and onions.

Cover with cheese.

Sprinkle the black pepper and another light pinch of salt.

Bake for about 20 mins till cheese is melting and just getting a little colour.

Low and slow means everything heats through.

Layer tray
Stir beans
Pour ever baguettes
Sprinkle chilli flakes and salt
Scatter green chillies
Scatter onions
Cover with cheese
Add loads!
Sprinkle with ground pepper
Bake till cheese melts
And gets golden

Devour while it’s melting hot!

Serve hot
Devilishly good!

Non beans bake, replaced beans with pasata.

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