Pork Roast In Ninja Airfryer

Roast Pork in Ninja airfryer
Perfectly cooked joint
Best crackling my ever hubs claimed
Crackling has lovely notes of garlic
Quick, simple, and delicious

I’ve been making most of my roasts in my Ninja airfryer, they are superb but in particular the pork and its crackling come out fantastic! This particular shoulder joint is about a 1kg if not a little over, so as cooking times can vary depending on your joint and fryer, it needs to be checked often.

Now, for the actual Ninja Air fryer pork roast, what can I say? It’s simply delicious. My hubs say it’s the best crackling I make, and I think so too! It’s light. The fat gets nicely rendered and so crackling crispy. The hint of garlic roasted under the rind just adds a beautiful flavour. When carved, it’s tender, juicy, moist, and seems to have more garlic infused through the roast than cooked the conventional way.

I used to put the rind in the air fryer in my previous Tower to finish off, but now it cooks together the whole way.

I think it’s a must…I don’t do pork roasts in the conventional oven anymore, so long as it fits in my airfryer!

When I finally got my Ninja dual 9ltr air fryer, I was astounded and delighted by how easy it was to use, how little oil was needed, and how few cooking smells lingered in the kitchen, forget about saving energy too!
We now have the best roast pork in the Ninja!

Now I love cooking with the appliance, it’s the main cooking appliance and used predominantly. It has 2 baskets so I can cook a full meal for 2, meat, veg and additions!

It’s so amazing that my girls now have the same model. They love it, and we rarely use the conventional oven.

I bought a Tower Air fryer a few yrs ago and loved what it could do, but it was a shelved design, and I found turning and swapping shelves a pallava. But this is liberating. Shake the basket and go!

In 2011, the USDA updated their recommendations. The USDA now lists 145 deg Fahrenheit as its recommended safe minimum cooking temperature for fresh pork. This cooks pork to medium as opposed to well-done. A pork loin cooked to 145 F might look a little bit pink in the middle, but that’s perfectly all right.

So, given that pork can be served slightly pink now, I do prefer mine veering towards well done. An inside temperature using a food thermometer at 160 deg F, its well done.
145 deg Fahrenheit is now classed as safely cooked, so I go with anything between 150 and 160 deg F.

But however you like your pork roasts, if you have one do try it…its amazing.


An onion
1 whole garlic bulb separated
Peel and slice half the garlic cloves
Leave the other half in their skins
1 tbsp coarse ground pepper
Pork shoulder joint
1 tbsp oil
1 tsp coarse salt


Firsly take the onion, skin on and cut in half. I tend to cut a little off the top and bottom so the onion will sit when cut into half. Slice half the garlic cloves.

Next prep the pork.
Pat dry and score the skin well.

This was a large pork shoulder joint. Unfortunately, I forgot to take note of weight.

Season with coarse salt and pepper ensuring you get it well into the scores and around all sides.

I find that a sprinkle of salt and pepper on the board or surface works well to season the bottom while you rub the top and sides.

Season with salt and pepper

Take the sliced garlic and insert it into the pork. Make deep incisions if you struggle, but I managed without. Try to get a few in just below the rind as it does flavour the crackling!

Pockets of sliced garlic
Well seasoned

Now add a good drizzle of oil to the skin and rub in well and then onto the sides.

Rub in oil

Take garlic cloves in their skins and place these in the basket. I use liners but use what you prefer. Place the onions facing up ready for pork to sit on top.

Lay out the garlic and onions
These will gently roast and infuse a lovely flavour

Place the pork on top of the onions. Now you are ready to cook.

Place in Ninja Put it on Air Fry mode at 200 for 30 mins.

Cook on high temperature initially

After the airfry time take it out, rotate the pork clockwise 180 deg in the basket.

Rotate so joint faces opposite way just to ensure rind gets heat from all angles possible

Now return the Ninja on Roast setting, temp 190 deg for 40 mins. Check at 10min intervals if possible to monitor the crackling. If you want you can turn the roast with crackling at bottom for the last 10 mins to get colour underneath.

If you want to colour the bottom, turn over and finish for last 10 mins
The smell is so enticing. Ensure it’s cooked through

After the set time, check the pork. Insert a knife to ensure the juices run clear. If not, return back on the roast setting for another further 10 minutes. Check again after 10 mins. If you have a food thermometer, then an internal temp between 145 degrees Fahrenheit and 160 is safe and best. I like mine between 150 and 160 deg F for a tender flavoursome roast.

Remove and rest.

Rest for a good 10 mins as it cooks further, but the juices will be absorbed into the joint.

Serve up with the roasted onion and garlic cloves. I served with buttery cabbage with leeks, spiced roast potatoes recipe in link here Skimmed Spiced Oil I did synchronised in the other airfryer basket, and steamed carrots.

Carve and enjoy

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