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Mutton Keema With Chicken And Peas

So you know how you have to cater for different palates in your home, this recipe certainly caters for both the meat eater and those that favour chicken. This is my Mutton keema with chicken chunks and peas. I love mutton for its mature flavour and taste. I’m not keen on lamb…so for me this…

Jhal Bhaja Chicken    Spicy Dry Fry Chicken

Jhal bhaja chicken is as the name infers!A hot, spicy dry fried chicken. I love using coarse chopped chicken from my Asian butchers although I used to do it by hand with a cleaver before it became readily available. I love the chicken like this as it cooks so quick! It’s a great way to…

Bottle Gourd With Shrimps And Dill Sholpa Diye Lau Chingri

Shrimps with bottle gourd, lau chingri, is a nostalgic dish for me. Shrimps for me are the best type of prawns that you could put on a plate. Each time and every time hands on my heart. What I call shrimps are these beautiful juicy prawns that add the most spectacular flavour to curry and…

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