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My Thai Fish Pie

Here I present my Thai fish pie! It’s a Thai inspired fish Pie, as the name infers. It came about because I wanted to inject some heat and spice into the white sauce which usually is green chillies but as I got thinking, I thought Thai paste for spice, coconut milk for the sauce and…

Puttanesca Via India To Italy

Puttanesca via India to Italy. This is my take on Puttanesca which will take you via India to Italy. My love for chillies and spice crosses over oceans. When we went to Rome, I missed spice so much that I asked for chilli flakes with all my meals. The one that I had nearly everyday…

White Cabbage With Frozen Mixed Veg

White Cabbage with frozen veg and Panch Puran Temper. A Bengali niramish dish. Bengali vegetable dishes are very different to the types of vegetable curries you will find around the Indian subcontinent. Most start with the five whole spice temper of Panch Puran. There is rarely any garlic or onion and very little in spices,…

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