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Bottle Gourd With Moong lentils

Moong Dal With Lau Lentils are such versatile pulses that they can be cooked in so many variety of ways and are an essential part of a vegetarian diet. They also play a pivotal role being a staple in many Indian and bengali homes. This dish, my Bottle guord with Moong dal is one of…

Spiced Trout

A simple but tasty way of enjoying fish! Any fish. Fry, grill, bake or roast! I stuck it in an airfryer! Spiced Airfried TroutPotato wedges parboiled and airfriedFennel bulb, green beans and onion in a cream sauceMustard greens in butter as bed for trout Spiced Trout Descale, Clean, and pat dry the fish. Score the…

Prawns In Mustard And Coconut Sauce/Narkel Chingri

Narkel Chingri is a quintessential Bengali dish with its roots deeply steeped in the regions culture, geography and natural resources. Prawns in a mustard and coconut sauce. There is an unspoken love of all things made with mustard and seafood for bengalis. An inherited love through cuisine.Just as mustard oil is the unsung hero off…

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