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Easy Chicken Curry

There are easy chicken curry’s and then there is this, the even easier chicken curry! What makes this so easy? Well thats quite simple, you just leave it to cook. Really, no kidding. No cooking out spices, no stages, no fuss… it’s just really that easy. It is just a case of combining ingredients and letting…


Japchae, so, for those that don’t know, Japchae is a Korean dish that literally means mixed vegetables. Japchae is a classic authentic dish made with a sweet potato noodle that is both chewy and springy. It’s often paired with thin strips of beef or pork in a sweet savoury sauce. It’s also very common to…

Ginger Chilli Chicken

So what’s this about Ginger chilli chicken? This is essentially about chicken pieces that are thoroughly washed and marinated in Asian spices, where the chicken is dipped in a batter and then fried. It’s then served with an aromatic stir fry of diced onions, capsicum green chilis ginger, and garlic. This fragrant, sweet, and spicy,…

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