Skimmed Spiced Oil

Pork tenderloin and roast potatoes with spiced oil
Skimmed spiced oil
The most delicious flavoured and tasty potatoes you will have
And the pork so juicy, flavoursome and tender

Skimmed Spiced Oil, its all about that!

It’s dinner for one today, just me myself and I. Mr Deys off out and I am just looking forward to a lovely Friday evening in my jammies with the remote watching TV to my hearts desire.

But before I snuggle up on the sofa I’m prepping for a simple and delicious quick meal in the air fryer. I found a small pork tenderloin in the freezer which I have defrosted and marinaded with some spiced oil.

The smell is just absolutely beautiful and I just wish you could just get a waft of the aroma that is coming from the bowl. To me seasoned oil is precious, it totally changes the taste and flavour of what could otherwise possibly be quite a bland dish.

Yes I absolutely love normal roasted potatoes but I also love these because there is such a burst of flavour of spice and a little chilli, it completely transforms the meal into something rather special.

The story of skimmed spiced oil can be remarkable!
Gone are the days I would chuck it down the sink with running hot water! Its a treasured by product now. It has proved its worth and value as a superb flavouring. Tried and tested!

Skimmed spiced oil is essentially the oil that surfaces sometimes in curries as it separates when the spices and curry is fully cooked out. Its a sign the curry has completed its necessary cooking process. Your curry will taste its optimum at that point. Now if you keep the skimmed oil it can prove a great flavourant and a great seasoning!

I keep my skimmed oil. In the fridge in a contaimer. I love the skimmed oil from my meat or chicken curries. I use it for roast potatoes. For wedges. I use it in my Chicken tikka mix and for basting, tandooris or roast veg.
If I make spicy gravy sometines I start my onions in a little seasoned oil.
I’m not an advocate of the oil from fish curries but definately chicken or meat.

The best wedges ever
Crispy, beautifully spiced and moorish!

You don’t need a lot, a tablespoon is enough to give you that burst of flavour!

I love tossing a little in when making veg in my airfryer…they are so yummy to snack on!

So if you are making a pot of curry, particularly a meat/chicken curry or even deep frying food keep the oil. I don’t get pedantic about making my chicken curries low-fat, you can’t really without compromising on flavour and taste. It j7st does not work for me. I use as much oil as a dish requires to cook the spices out well because I know that I can skim off pretty much majority of the oil once the curry is done. This then kept refrigerated, will give you so much more pleasure when cooking the most mundane ingredients by elevating it to an amazing level.

I couldn’t help myself, I kept some for Mr Dey!

So below is a quick recipe/method for dinner tonight.

I simply took a wide bowl, I added half a teaspoon of salt
quarter of a teaspoon each of:

Chilli powder

Coriander powder

Cumin powder

1 teaspoon of chili flakes and to this I added 2 tablespoons of seasoned oil.

Dried spices
Add the spiced oil
Add the pork
Marinade the tenderloin

Once mixed well I marinated the pork tenderloin in this mixture.

During that time I also parboiled a few peeled potatoes and after draining giving them a good shake I added this to the bowl with the pork tenderloin and a few peeled cloves of garlic. Make sure you add the potatoes hot as they will soak up the oil.

Marinade all the ingtedients
The potatoes
Fresh garlic cloves

This will then go in the air fryer to roast for the recommended set time.

Keep checking, you don’t want to overcook the pork. Take it out and let it rest while the potatoes crisp up.

Let the pork rest
Crisp the potatoes

I added some steamed carrots and garnished with lots of parsley.

I poured the remaining marinade into a small pan and heated this to ensure there are no raw meat juices. I made a little jug of onion gravy…poured this into the pan and there you have it spiced gravy.

Gently cook any remaining marinade to make gravy
Parsley is optional
Garnish with grind of pepper
Pour over gravy

Finally served up! Perfecto!!

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